Relationships: What Makes Them Last

Both of you need to be devoted to one another and the relationship in order for things to work; you can’t try and apply this in a relationship where you already know or feel you aren’t respected or valued because you’d just be wasting your time and adding insult to injury and vice versa. Devotion can easily be identified through the things that occur within the relationship; words can be deceiving and potential isn’t enough, if he/she isn’t making you and the relationship a priority then the devotion is absent. 

Be honest with yourself in your relationship

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Friendships: Knowing When to Let Go

We’re past the high school and below years of friendships, we are no longer in our teens so there is no reason that we should be tolerating “childish behavior” from anyone in our lives. It’s time to cut people off the moment you’re unhappy with the relationship and stop thinking longevity is equivalent to loyalty because when it comes down to it, anyone can f-ck you over at any time. Don’t hold people on a pedestal. Don’t put anything past anyone.

Be unapologetic and put yourself first.

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