I’ve always wanted to start a blog but never knew what I wanted to focus on. As a person interested in so many different things, I started out with a compilation of content and was never satisfied with what I was producing, but I’m trying again and this time around I’m attempting to keep it more specific. With the new way of thinking people seem to have about relationships on social media I just wanted to find a way to share my own personal opinions in a “uniformed” structure. I’m constantly mentally evaluating point of views in situations in order to attempt to understand people, how they think, and why they do the things they do and that’s how I come up with my little theories. Because of that, majority of my content will definitely be relationship based, whether it be intimate or platonic. I’m not sure what other content I’ll share with you guys but I’m very sure it won’t stop there, so hopefully you guys enjoy what I come up with!

Feel free to comment on my posts or even email me, I am always open to different opinions and to possibly learn something new.